Peter Gartsjö

Shipping professional with years experience as Technical Director and Fleet Director - gained from sailing on tankers and as superintendent and Fleet manager for Tankers, LPG and Container vessels.

Working with some of the bigger ship managers I have full insight into how third-party ship management is caried out and referring from working direct with owners, have insight into where the gaps are.

These gaps I close with the services and products I have collected under my own company PG Marine located in Sweden.

We can support owners with a varied number of experts, support with purchase inspections, owners inspections, audit of third-party managers services and give guidance on any technical issues where you find limited or no support from your manager.

We can support with Opex / Capex evaluations given by third party managers - i.e., are the indicated running costs a reality or a wish list or worse a asset value reduction.

We can support you in evaluating a suggested Capex, if it is in line with what is really required according to regulations and if the selected equipment is really the most cost effective on the market.

We can support you with drawing approvals for New buildings, referring to huge experience in New building projects that focused on optimal cargo systems and living and working environment. As expert in this area have contributed with two articles in Splash 24/7