Peter Gartsjö

Started PG Marine as a project in-between jobs 2018 - now I'm about to engage on a new journey back in Hamburg with Columbia Shipmanagement starting 1st April which ends end of December 2021 thus PG MArine will resurface and take lead when it comes to Vessel Performance!

With thanks to all interested in my Project and supporters of same! 

When I left the last job in Singapore (THOME Shipmanagement) in May 2018 and scouting options, opportunities in Ship management looked bleak. Thus I looked at the option to set up PG Marine as part of my experience share to services and providers I have 100% thrust in.

On my this website I have I have sampled a few and if you lack a link/recommendation - I'm more than happy to share experience should you have any queries on other problems you need solutions for!

On this forum, you will find products from companies I have collaborated with in my roles from the time being Vessel manager to Technical Director in charge of active ships to New building projects. Tankers as in Oil, Chemical, Product and LPG, Container vessels and other types from my sailing days.

I have had the opportunity to build my experience working directly for Owners and a number of the bigger Ship managers I have gained a broad experience that I can share and support with 

I started sailing as Engine Cadet 1975 - 16 years old. So I have collected quite a bit of experience - but each day is a learning process where new things have to be taken in.

Based on this I can see that the "needs" from an Owner does not always match the needs of neither a Manager or a Charterer as little as a match between the Manager and Owner/Charterer.

To support all parties I will share my part of the experience with high quality providers that I know will make everyone's days easier and more relaxing.

Feel free to comment, contact me for a discussion or air your thoughts about my recommended products.

I'm a frequent contributor to LinkeIn both as sharing posts and own articles on Splash 24/7

Wish all a safe and happy onward journey!

Peter Gartsjö

Vik 21/03/2019

MS Laponia - Stockholm

AB Grängesberg

Built - 1963 - Götaverken, Arendal

Dwt 36400


My first ship that I joined as an Engine Cadet in Qxelösund 1975 - first voyage was to Antwerp