Newport Diesel Stability & Lubricity Treatment

The key to enhanced operational reliability and reduced maintenance costs is providing a refinery-grade fuel treatment package

Newport Diesel & Lubricity Treatment (Newport-DSL) offers refinery grade strength for vastly improved diesel fuel performance in an affordable treatment rate of 1:4000 or one liter per 4 metric tons. Three key functions provide proven fuel combustion improvement, long-term extension of fuel freshness and protection against the low lubricity characteristics of modern diesel fuels.

First is thermal stability. Extensive engine performance and emissions studies confirm that fuels with optimum thermal stability increase firing pressure, producing more horsepower per unit of fuel. Unburned hydrocarbon and particulate emissions are greatly reduced. Deposits on critical fuel system and engine components are minimized.

Second is storage stability. Many factors determine the extent to which fuel degrades in storage, including exposure to heat and oxygen, moisture and the degree to which the fuel is treated with cetane improvers.

The proprietary anti-oxidant package of Newport-DSL prevents fuel from degrading even under the most extreme storage conditions. Ignition quality is uncompromised. Fuel remains viable not just for months, but for many years in storage.

Third, Newport-DSL contains the world’s most advanced synthetic lubricity agent to ensure safe and efficient protection against marginal ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD) fuels.