Seacoat is the next generation Hull coating that I have included in my portfolio this as looking at the alternative solutions with Anti Fouling depletion regardless if it is "accepted" today as environmentally friendly these paints have too many disqualifications.


  • They need constant speed through the water to keep "clean"
  • They only allow for a short time at the layup
  • They need underwater cleaning a couple of time during the lifespan


As it is hard to predict the ships sailing time it is not easy to select the correct paint - to depleting and it loses its active components to fast and to slow or idle growth comes immediately.


As growth requires a hull scrub next problems arise:


  • To hard scrub and the active leach layer disappears - Unless the cleaning is done with a soft brush the A/F can disappear after one cleaning as the divers might use Steel brushes and as this is a preferred method (Steel brushes do not wear while soft brushes do and these cost money) unless you are actively monitoring the contractor they will use Steel brushes
  • Next problem is location - today there are very few ports/regions that allow underwater scrubbing.
  • Other areas/countries might follow New Zealand's drive to ban ships with excessive fouling to enter.


So not only looking at the environmental impact but also financially. the answer to your next docking paint is SeaCoat's SEA-SPEED V10X!



SEA-SPEED 10X - iS The ultimate in hull coating technology, it is the newest evolution of our technology that has an excellent service record in commercial, military and pleasure craft applications since 2001